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Septic Tank Maintenance
Wigan, Preston, Leyland, Chorley, Lancashire

Do you require septic tank maintenance in Lancashire? Contact our experts today to discuss your requirements. We offer septic tank services throughout Wigan, Preston, Leyland, Chorley and Lancashire.

Septic systems are not just for people who live on a farm or in the country. You may be surprised to find that some urban areas need septic tank maintenance. A lot of people who live in a rural area most likely have a septic tank as opposed to a mains drain connection.

Looking after your septic system isn't difficult since upgraded systems function efficiently when you follow a few fundamental guidelines:

Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Septic System

Regular maintenance could prolong the life of your septic system. Contact a certified drainage contractor to check and monitor your system on a regular basis. The frequency of service varies with the type of system, ranging from 3 months to 3 years. 

Empty Your Septic Tank Every 12-24 Months

General guideline: the more people using your septic tank = enhanced water usage = your septic system will fill up much faster = more frequent emptying

Be Water-Wise

Using less water can increase the life of your septic system. Using too much water is a constant factor in malfunctioned systems.Compost your food scraps as opposed to making use of a waste disposal unit.

Reduce or Eliminate Traffic 

Excess weight crossing these areas, such as traffic over your septic system and soakaway field can trigger damages to the pipes as well as the tank itself.

Know the Location of Septic System Elements

Avoid these areas when building patios, decks and other buildings. Swimming pools or landscaping projects are also not recommended.

Avoid Trees and Hedges

The roots of these plants could damage your septic system. Refrain from planting trees and hedges on your drain field.

How Often to Empty a Septic Tank

The general rule of thumb is to know how much it's designed to hold. Your septic tank specialists could help to calculate the capacity of your system and estimate how long it takes your tank to fill up. 

This is based on the number of occupants and also the daily use. Make sure to ask your septic system specialists to inspect your system to find any concerns before they adversely influence your emptying routine or cause your system to stop working.

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Are you looking for septic tank maintenance in Lancashire? Contact us today on 0800 072 5147 for Septic Tank services across Wigan, Preston, Leyland, Chorley and Lancashire.