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Septic Tank Repair

Septic tank problems could be catastrophic. Septic tanks are part of a small-scale sewage system. In city locations, public sewer systems are maintained by the government or private utility companies. In cases when the mains sewage not able to reach rural areas, occupants will rely on an independent septic system to dispose of their waste.

However, because the septic system transports toxic chemicals, septic tanks do encounter a lot of issues. The odour from a faulty tank could be redirected back into your home, bringing inconvenience to the occupants.

In addition to septic tank emptying, our experts can repair septic tanks. This helps to keep your septic system in peak operating condition. Our professional team have, and our fleet of specialist vehicles can handle repair jobs of any size.Our engineers and drivers are highly knowledgeable, and we're fully licensed by the Environment Agency to provide you total peace of mind.

Common Causes of Septic Tank Repairs

There are a couple of different reasons how a septic system can be damaged. For example:

Tree Roots: roots from local trees or shrubs grow through the tank or the pipes
Damaged Pipes: internal components of a septic tank which are designed to help the storage tank separate out the drainage that enters and leaves
Splits or Cracks: commonly on the wall surfaces of the tank. These could be caused by various factors, from local ground movement to traffic over the tank.
The Great Septic Tank Escape: if there is a sudden increase in the quantity of water in the ground, the stress from the water can push the septic tank out of the ground. It is often messy as the pipes connecting the tank is often torn off, spilling sewage waste.